How To Make Spray Hand Sanitizer: 3 Reasons Why This Idea May Fail

Lockdowns, isolation, and limited supply of things you need the most (we’re looking at you, toilet paper) can make even the calmest person you know a little high strung. Not being able to find personal protective supplies amid a global pandemic can be especially triggering and lead to some decisions that maybe aren’t the best you’ve ever had. 

One such decision? Making your own, at home, DIY hand sanitizer.

It looks so simple. Your favorite blogger has a recipe. You watched a how-to video on YouTube. Your friend on Facebook swears by her thieves oil-infused homemade hand rub. Even the World Health Organization distributed a recipe last year. 

With all this extra time on your hands while practicing social distancing, making your own hand sanitizer seems like a great idea. But is it?

The short answer is… no. 

The team at Hope Health Supply decided to explore why making your own DIY hand sanitizer is a bad idea. Turns out, you can wind up with hand sanitizer that is completely ineffective, and sometimes even dangerous. Here’s what you need to know before you decide to turn your kitchen into a laboratory. 

Reasons Why You’d Make Hand Sanitizer at Home

Hand sanitizer isn’t expensive and usually contains a limited amount of ingredients, so why would anyone take the time to try to make it at home? 

There are three main reasons:

  1. You simply can’t find it. It used to be everywhere, by every cash register, and on end caps in every health and wellness section, but at some point during early 2020, you were extremely hard pressed to find a single ounce. Stores were sold out. Online retailers had nothing to offer. 

    At this point, some municipalities even began producing their own hand sanitizer to distribute to residents who simply couldn’t gain access to it. This short supply caused the FDA to release a temporary policy allowing for the production of hand sanitizer by companies who didn’t normally produce it. 

    Because of this temporary policy, hand sanitizer should be within reach to those who need it. If you’re still having trouble finding it, Hope Health Supply has hand sanitizer available to ship. 

  2. Price gouging. When demand outruns supply, unscrupulous manufacturers and retailers began skyrocketing the price of the hand sanitizers they did have available, making it inaccessible to many. This shameful business practice caused the price of hand sanitizer to rise by nearly 53%, and online retailers began receiving fines for price gouging.

    This increase in price for a normally very inexpensive health and wellness item drove many people to the decision to go it alone, attempting to mix crude concoctions of hand rub in their own homes.

    Thankfully, price gouging seems to have dissipated, as the supply of hand sanitizer has once again met with demand and store shelves see more of it available for purchase. 

  3. It can seem convenient. When you’re attempting to stay at home as much as possible to protect yourself and others, it can seem like a better idea to either do without a needed item, or attempt to make it yourself. After all, no one wants to pay a delivery service to deliver a few ounces of hand sanitizer. 

    It may seem convenient to whip up a quick batch of hand sanitizer at home on the fly, but the truth is, making hand sanitizer is a lengthier process than most people realize, you may not have the materials you need to make it and store it on hand, and it has the potential to get messy. 

Other reasons to make hand sanitizer at home can be to add essential oils or even to avoid particular ingredients in commercial hand sanitizer you’d rather not use. However, there are risks involved with at home hand sanitizer, and those risks can make your hand sanitizer creation tips fail. 

Reasons Why Making Hand Sanitizer Spray at Home May Fail

Before you decide to set up a one stop hand sanitizer making shop in your kitchen, you should know there are some risks and issues involved that might make it a bad idea:

  • Preparation obstacles. Commercially produced hand sanitizer is made in a sterile facility, with sterile machinery. Your ability to properly sterilize (and keep sterile) the surfaces you are working on, and the utensils you are using) isn’t likely. 

    If you are unable to keep your production line sterile, you could risk contaminating your hand sanitizer. That means when you use it on your hands, you’ll essentially be spreading more germs and bacteria over the surface of your hands instead of cleaning them. 
  • Formula accuracy. Getting the formula right for your hand sanitizer spray is equally as challenging as keeping your prep area sanitized. In fact, even the best efforts sometimes fail. 

    The CDC recommends your hand sanitizer contain 60% isopropyl or ethyl alcohol to be effective in removing germs and bacteria. When you’re using an online recipe, you should be sure you have the correct concentration of rubbing alcohol. If you use the wrong kind, your hand sanitizer may not be strong enough to work correctly. 

    Not only could you get the formula wrong and make your hand sanitizer ineffective, you could make a formula that isn’t safe. There have been numerous instances of botched hand sanitizer injuring users. 

    Additionally, getting a hand sanitizer spray formula incorrect can render it ineffective for us on other surfaces (like smartphones and tablets). To be effective on non-porous surfaces, your hand sanitizer needs to include 70% isopropyl or ethyl alcohol. 
  • (In)consistency. You wanted a hand sanitizer spray, but somehow you ended up with more of a gel like substance. Getting the consistency right can be tricky, and as consumers we don’t have access to commercial grade stabilizers or other ingredients that help a product work properly. 

    Chances are, you could end up with a hand sanitizer solution that separates, gets too sticky, clogs up the spray nozzle, or is much too thin. It can be nearly impossible to perfect the consistency that commercial hand sanitizers have.

How To Buy Great Hand Sanitizer

Thankfully, you don’t have to make your own hand sanitizer, search for it from store to store, or pay exorbitant prices. You can get great hand sanitizer that has been made to CDC guidelines and is available for an affordable price from Hope Health Supply

Our hand sanitizer is available in a convenient, pen-shaped spray container that can easily be tucked in your pocket, bag, car, or desk drawer. Our hand sanitizer contains 75% ethyl alcohol, which makes it effective not only on hands, but on certain non-porous surfaces. You can easily mist your smartphone while you sanitize your hands.

Hope Health Supply never gouges prices and only offers the highest standard products that are perfect for keeping you and your loved ones protected. You can give the gift of protection too and remind a loved one that you care. 

We can all do our part to stay safe and protect one another. You can do it easily and with peace of mind by ordering your personal protective items from someone you trust right here in the United States, like Hope Health Supply.