KN95 Masks: 2 High Quality Masks You Should Own

Finding a face mask during a pandemic can be a worrisome task. There are many options, each with their own rules and uses. Some masks work well, while others do not. So how do you know which is which?

KN95 masks have been approved for use by the FDA. However, because of this approval, there are many counterfeit masks made in order to trick consumers. So, what KN95 mask should you choose?

What Are KN95 Masks?

KN95 masks, also known as KN95 respirators, are masks that filter particles like dust or germs like viruses. This filtering process can allow for aid against harmful microbes that can cause diseases such as COVID-19. 

The KN95 masks are negative pressure respirators, meaning that when air comes through a face mask by the force of your own inhalation, the pressure inside the mask is negative because the pressure inside is lower than the outside air pressure. As a result, more CO2 can be inhaled than desired, instead of oxygen. Therefore, although the masks are FDA approved, people should be wary of wearing the masks for long periods of time. 

The masks are commonly compared to N95 masks, but most N95 masks are made in the United States and most KN95 masks are made in China. N95 should be avoided for normal use and reserved for healthcare workers, whereas KN95 masks can be used for everyday use — but with guidelines in mind. 

KN95 Mask Pros

KN95 masks are beneficial for situations where you’ll be in close contact with strangers for long periods of time (buses, airplanes, hospitals, etc). 

When you share the air with others for extended periods of time, their germs have a longer time frame to try and infect you. As such, you should always try to social distance and keep away from large groups if possible, even with the KN95 mask. 

KN95 masks can also work for daily use, especially for people who are at a higher risk of catching and being harmed by diseases like COVID-19, like people with pre-existing medical conditions or the elderly.

These masks are also popular due to the fact that the CDC claims that KN95 masks that fit correctly and have similar enough traits to the requirements of N95s as stated by NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) can filter up to 95% of all microbes in the air. 

KN95 Mask Cons

KN95 masks are only intended for one use and cannot be washed. Due to this and the high quality of material and result given, KN95 masks can be more expensive than other masks. 

Additionally, if you have lots of facial hair, use of a KN95 mask won’t be as beneficial for you. The masks must fit snugly and an abundance of facial hair can hinder the positive effects the mask is trying to give you. 

Children shouldn’t wear KN95 masks either, as they won’t be able to fit tightly to most of their faces. Also, those with breathing issues should talk to a doctor about using a KN95 mask, as use of the mask can make breathing even harder for you. 

What Should You Look for in a KN95 Mask?

The CDC says that around 60% of masks advertised as KN95 masks are fake and don’t meet their requirements. Therefore, you must be extremely careful when purchasing your KN95 mask. 

One thing to look out for is that the product says it’s FDA registered. If it isn’t, you should move on to a different company. 

Other than that, keep in mind that KN95 masks can have either ear loops or straps and they definitely should not have an exhalation valve. Exhalation valves may seem impressive and can make it easier to breathe, but using one can let all of your germs out into the air. Although you might be somewhat shielded, others are being exposed to your germs and you’re putting them at risk. 

You should also be aware that double-masking with KN95 masks is not recommended, and that any product that says otherwise may be counterfeit. 

2 High Quality Masks You Should Own

Trying to find a KN95 mask that follows FDA guidelines, provides a perfect fit, and is comfortable to boot can be quite a task. Luckily, Hope Health Supply just happens to have two such masks for you!

The masks are each intended for one use only, but fortunately, we at Hope Health Supply don’t believe in price gouging and can offer you four packs of different face mask quantities, all at affordable prices. 

The best part? Every time you order one of our products, we donate a face mask to someone who needs it!

Hope Health Supply’s KN95 Mask - White

We at Hope Health Supply realize that one of the biggest hesitations in buying a KN95 mask is that the comfort level isn’t very high. Therefore, we have built a mask that will deliver both comfort and utility.

For comfort, our lightweight fabric is soft to the skin and can help provide relief at areas where the skin is typically irritated with masks, such as your nose bridge and your ears. Additionally, our ear straps can stretch out to accommodate any face shape, making sure it isn’t too big or too small. 

For security and utility, our fabric is 5-ply and can filter up to 95% of unwanted microbes. Our adjustable ear loops and nose bridge can provide a perfect fit and can help stop your mask from shifting while you move. 

Using our white mask is an easy way to show that you care about safety and the health of others. 

Hope Health Supply’s KN95 Mask - Black

Our black KN95 option has the same benefits as its white counterpart, offering comfort with soft fabric and adjustable pieces, aid against harmful microbes with a 5-ply fabric and a secure fit, and a guarantee that the product is FDA registered. 

Either way, you’re looking at up to a 95% filtration assistance. However, our black mask is a great offer because some studies have shown that people who wear black masks are deemed more likeable and trustworthy than people who wear masks that are other colors. 

Whether or not you agree with that, the black mask can also be beneficial to those who dislike seeing their makeup end up on the edges of their mask. White makes these types of marks stand out, but black makes them less noticeable, thus giving you less to be worried about. 

To Conclude

KN95 masks can be a great tool for those who find themselves in close contact with strangers for long periods of time, or for those who are at a higher risk of catching diseases due to pre-existing conditions. 

They shouldn’t be worn all the time, but KN95 masks are a helpful tool in the fight against COVID-19 and should be treated as such. For all those looking for an FDA-registered, comfortable KN95 mask, look no further than Hope Health Supply for your next purchase!