KN95 Mask: Where To Get The Best KN95 Masks

If you’ve ever taken on a painting and/or sanding project, you may have visited your local hardware store to pick up an N95 respirator. These face masks fit completely over your nose and mouth, creating a seal on your face and protecting you from the particles and fumes you’re exposed to during your project. 

The reason N95 masks are so popular and important is because they offer some of the highest rates of air filtration in a personal face mask. They’re also sometimes referred to as N95 respirators. N95 masks are capable of filtering out up to 95% of all non-oily suspended particles of 0.3 micron levels. 

There are numerous different kinds of N95 respirators, including those made specifically for painting, sanding, and other projects, and those made specifically for use in the medical field. Medical professionals use N95 respirators when dealing with patients who have infectious diseases, like COVID-19. 

Because medical workers need reliable access to N95 masks, both the FDA and the CDC have requested that they not be worn by the general public. This ensures frontline healthcare workers treating patients with COVID-19 will have access to them. 

However, if you still want the same level of protection that you’d get from an N95, and you aren’t a medical professional, you aren’t out of luck. The KN95 mask is a great option for people who want the same level of filtration offered by the N95. 

Not sure what the KN95 mask is or where you can buy one? No worries. Hope Health Supply is a leader in personal protective supplies, including masks. We’ll discuss what you need to know about KN95 masks, how you can shop for them, and where to buy them. 

How Do KN95 Masks Work?

KN95 masks are not new, but they are new to most people in the U.S. KN95 masks are the Chinese equivalent of the N95 mask. 

They are crafted similarly in style like the N95, with a few differences:

  • KN95 masks do not need to be custom fitted to the wearer’s face. The KN95 does not fit as tightly as an N95, so custom fits aren’t necessary.
  • KN95 masks don’t necessarily fit onto a wearer’s head with an elastic headband. Sometimes, these masks attach to the wearer’s head with ear loops. 

The KN95 does however work much like the N95:

  • KN95 masks filter up to 95% of all non-oily particles of 0.3 micron levels. 
  • KN95 masks protect the wearer from inhaling certain particles and are also efficient in preventing respiratory particles from the wearer’s mouth from escaping the mask. 
  • KN95 masks are designed to be worn by one singular user. They should never be shared. They are also disposable and should be discarded once they have been soiled, or once they’ve been worn for several hours. 
  • KN95 masks (like N95 masks) are made from polyester material, and have a five layer filtration system. 

KN95 masks are a great option for the general public. If you’d prefer to wear a mask that offers a higher level of filtration than a cloth mask, the KN95 is for you.

Who Makes KN95 Masks?

The KN95 masks you purchase are mostly produced in China and imported to the United States. However, the companies that produce the masks are oftentimes U.S.-based companies (like 3M). It’s important to know that reputable retailers purchase masks in bulk and then resell them through their domestic retail stores and websites. 

Because of the reselling component, it’s critical to ensure you trust the retailer who sells your mask. It is that retailer’s job to make sure the masks they are purchasing are high quality and constructed properly. 

Where To Get the Best KN95 Masks

Even though KN95 masks are made overseas, they are still held to FDA standards in terms of construction and filtration. They are not held to the same standards as N95 respirators, but they must be safe for use by the general public and be effective in slowing the spread of COVID-19.

A reputable retailer will ensure that the masks they offer have been registered with the FDA under the Emergency Umbrella Authorization (EUA) issued in 2020. This EUA allowed for the usage of KN95 masks in certain medical situations (due to the unavailability of N95 masks) and assured the general public KN95 masks were effective for their use. 

All KN95 masks offered by Hope Health Supply are registered with the FDA and have been constructed to the highest industry standards so you can have peace of mind knowing that the KN95 mask you’ve purchased is not a counterfeit, and is safe for us. 

Still have general questions about KN95 masks? We’ve got you covered. Here are some popular questions and answers about KN95 masks. 

What To Know About Mask Wearing

Deciding to use a different style of mask than your traditional cloth mask is a big decision. Ultimately, you just want to make sure that you are protecting yourself and others as best as possible. 

Here are some of the questions you might have about KN95 masks:

  1. Can you get COVID-19 from touching the front of your KN95 mask? You should never touch your facemask and then touch your face, as you could infect yourself. You want to make sure you do not touch your mask, just like being careful not to touch your face.

  2. Are KN95 masks better than surgical masks? This is essentially like comparing apples to oranges. Surgical masks are masks worn mostly to protect the wearer from large droplets of fluids (like blood). They fit loosely and do not create a seal on the user’s face. As such, they don’t offer the same kind of particle protection that KN95 masks do.

  3. Do I still have to practice social distancing if I am wearing a KN95 mask? Yes. You should always practice social distancing when you are in public, or when you are around people who do not belong to your household. It’s important to practice good hand hygiene, always wear a mask in public, and practice social distancing.

Wearing a KN95 mask is a great option, but you should still make sure you are just as careful with social distancing and other good health practices (like hand washing and not touching your face) when you are wearing one. 

Why Buy KN95 Masks From Hope Health Supply?

We know you have options when it comes to mask buying, and it’s why we strive to provide the highest quality products at prices you can afford, and with reliability you can depend on. You’ll never have to worry about price gouging when you buy your KN95 masks from Hope Health Supply. 

We’re transparent in terms of where our KN95 masks are manufactured. Our FDA registration is located here. Want more peace of mind? When you purchase a KN95 mask from Hope Health Supply, we automatically donate one to a hospital in need. By purchasing a mask, you help provide protection for those who need it most, working on the front lines. 

You can buy the best KN95 masks by shopping with Hope Health Supply, and know you are getting a great mask for a great price.