KN95: What Makes Them Effective?

With the large variety of masks out there on the market, choosing which one is best for you can be tricky. Some might be better looking or more comfortable than others, but may not necessarily be the best option to choose. 

Safest, is of course, preferable, but many claim their products are the best in that regard. So how do you know which one is truly on top? 

What Are KN95 Masks?

Also known as KN95 respirators, KN95 masks have been approved by the CDC for public use to slow the spread of and provide some protection against COVID-19. 

The masks are often compared to N95 masks, but N95 masks originated in the United States and are currently supposed to solely be reserved for healthcare workers and others in professions that put them up on the front lines of the COVID-19 battle. 

KN95 masks originated in China and have very minimal differences to N95 masks, which provides some insight as to why they are successfully registered with the FDA. 

Why Should We Even Wear Masks?

Mandatory mask mandates have swept the country, and yet some still wonder why they’re necessary. 

The CDC has stated that masks can reduce the spread of COVID-19 by blocking droplets that come from your mouth and nose that could possibly be carrying the virus from spreading to others. Wearing a mask even when you don’t feel sick is important as well, because some people can be infected and not have symptoms (this is called being asymptomatic). 

CDC regulations state that masks should cover the mouth and nose tightly to disallow any gaps, and they should be worn in all public settings and around anyone who doesn’t live in your household. Those with vaccines can start to play by different rules soon, but for now it is still recommended that everyone wears a mask so as not to accidentally spread the virus. 

In addition to wearing a mask, it is also important that you continue to social distance, avoid large crowds, and wash your hands constantly. If you can’t wash your hands, use hand sanitizer that is above 60% alcohol at least. 

Wearing a mask during the COVID-19 pandemic is important not only for your health, but to show respect to others around you. Nobody can fight this alone, so it is imperative that we band together as one to help combat the virus. 

What Makes KN95 Masks So Effective?

Made of layers of synthetic material that cover the nose and mouth, KN95 masks filter up to 95% of harmful microbes in the air. They can even capture particles up to .3 microns in size. 

KN95 masks are most recommended for situations where you’ll find yourself in close contact with people, especially people you don’t know, for long periods of time. Additionally, those who have medical conditions that would be harshly exasperated by COVID-19 would benefit from using these masks as well. 

As the mask that most closely resembles N95 masks, KN95 masks can provide many similar benefits that N95 masks give. In fact, many see very little difference between the two, other than their point of origin. This, and the fact that they meet similar requirements to the CDC’s N95 requirements for use means that KN95 masks rank near the top in terms of masks desired by others. 

When compared to other masks, KN95 masks have less gaps than surgical masks and are less porous than cloth masks. Bandanas and masks that get pulled up from your neck are even less effective, due to the fact that they have less layers and are likely to be ill fitting around the nose and ears, if they stay up at all. 

Buying KN95 Masks: What You Need To Know

Clearly KN95 masks can be very good at filtering particles, but in return they can be a bit uncomfortable due to the tight fit. Additionally, due to the fact that the masks can only be worn once, some companies hike up the price and make the purchase almost too expensive to even consider. 

The tight fight of the mask can also cause issues for those who have breathing issues. If this applies to you, be sure to check with your doctor before using a KN95 mask, especially for long periods of time. 

However, the biggest issue when buying KN95 masks is ensuring that your mask is FDA approved. Due to the new high demand of KN95 masks, many people have been taking advantage of the situation and making counterfeit masks. Keep in mind that not all masks that call themselves KN95 are approved, so it is vital to confirm that the company you’re purchasing masks from is legit. 

KN95 masks can have straps or ear loops, but should never have an exhalation valve. Yes, it’s easier to breathe with one, but by using one you release all of your germs out into the air and put other people at risk of catching anything you might be carrying. 

What Else Can We Do To Stay Safe During the Pandemic?

Well firstly, wearing a mask is a great first step. Next, you should habitually wash your hands with soap and water whenever you can. If you aren’t able to wash your hands in situations that would dictate its use, try hand sanitizer instead. 

Hand sanitizer can be a great piece of personal protective equipment against viruses, especially COVID-19. However, while using it you should be aware that it is not a replacement for normal handwashing and can even cause problems if you use it too much without washing hands in between, causing a film on the hands that traps viruses. 

Next, try to social distance and self isolate as much as possible. Crowds are hotspots for harmful pathogens and should be avoided. Try to keep six feet between you and others outside of your COVID-19 bubble. 

Lowering ways that transmit the virus is the biggest way people can help combat the pandemic. Luckily, masks, washing hands, hand sanitizer, and social distancing can all help with that. Other than those things, try and keep traveling to a minimum as much as possible. However, taking a trip can be good for overall mental and physical well being. Therefore, if you do decide to take a trip, be sure to follow all guidelines that have been posted most recently. 

Following these rules and regulations isn’t just about keeping you safe, although that is also a goal. It is about keeping yourself and the people around you safe, the people you love and cherish. 

We at Hope Health Supply are a family-run business who understands the value of keeping the ones you love shielded from outside forces that can hurt them. That’s why we won’t price-gouge you, our shipping is fast, and our products are high quality and FDA registered. 

To Conclude

When looking for a new mask to buy, why not choose one of the highest recommended masks on the market? KN95 masks rank among the top masks to choose, right up there with N95 masks, which are used by healthcare workers. 

Its benefits speak for themselves, but keep in mind that they do not equal perfect protection from COVID-19. You should also be washing your hands, social distancing, and avoiding large crowds as much as possible for now. 



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